Market watch
A market watch allows the user to view the real time streaming data from the exchange. A watch allows you to add instruments row wise or to remove the scrips. The market indicator indicates the market movement of particular scrip by Up / Down Arrow.
Order Book
The option facilitates the user to place orders/Modify/cancel the order as desired, by gauging the available price, demand and supply of the scrips. Fast order option facilitates its user to place the order in a faster way.
Trade Book
Trade book provides the user with the summary of executed order details. User has the provision to view the details of a particular order in Trade Summary details window.
Market by Price
The market by price feature provides the user with the best bids and offers of available instruments in real time.
Snap quote
Snap Quote provides the details such as as Best Buy Price, Best Buy Quantity, Best Sell Price and Best Sell Quantity of particular scrip.
Trading Ideas
Trading Ideas provided by the research team can be viewed as a pop up message in the market watch window.
Other Features
 Modify/cancel pending orders Place buy/sell orders
 Add/delete/search scrips Change password
* Only Market Viewing in MCX
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