ALMOND :-  1 KGS  DELHI  607.25    ALUMINI :-  1 KGS  MUMBAI  140.30    ALUMINIUM :-  1 KGS  MUMBAI  140.30    BRASSPHY :-  1 KGS  JAMNAGAR  298.50    CARDAMOM :-  1 KGS  VANDANMEDU  2,877.20    CASTORSEED :-  100 KGS  DEESA  4,423.00    CHANA :-  100 KGS  DELHI  4,550.00    COPPER :-  1 KGS  MUMBAI  445.50    COTTON :-  1 BALES  RAJKOT  18,620.00    CPO :-  10 KGS  KANDLA  643.00    CRUDEOIL :-  1 BBL  MUMBAI  4,139.00    CRUDEOILM :-  1 BBL  MUMBAI  4,139.00    GOLD :-  10 GRMS  AHMEDABAD  37,931.00    GOLDGUINEA :-  8 GRMS  AHMEDABAD  30,467.00    GOLDM :-  10 GRMS  Ahmedabad  37,931.00    GOLDPETAL :-  1 GRMS  MUMBAI  3,807.00    GUARGUM :-  100 KGS  JODHPUR  8,505.00    GUARSEED :-  100 KGS  JODHPUR  4,200.00    JUTE :-  100 KGS  KOLKATA  4,792.00    KAPAS :-  20KG  RAJKOT  989.00    LEAD :-  1 KGS  MUMBAI  156.30    LEADMINI :-  1 KGS  MUMBAI  156.30    MENTHAOIL :-  1 KGS  CHANDAUSI  1,390.60    NATURALGAS :-  1 mmBtu  HAZIRA  192.80    NICKEL :-  1 KGS  MUMBAI  1,123.80    PEPPER :-  100 KGS  KOCHI  33,750.00    RBDPMOLEIN :-  10 KGS  KANDLA  703.80    REFSOYOIL :-  10 KGS  INDORE  821.65    SILVER :-  1 KGS  AHMEDABAD  44,071.00    SILVERM :-  1 KGS  AHMEDABAD  44,071.00    SILVERMIC :-  1 KGS  AHMEDABAD  44,071.00    SUGARMDEL :-  100 KGS  DELHI  3,605.00    SUGARMKOL :-  100 KGS  KOLHAPUR  3,426.00    SUGARSKLP :-  100 KGS  KOLHAPUR  3,288.00    TIN :-  1 KGS  MUMBAI  1,158.75    WHEAT :-  100 KGS  DELHI  2,300.00    ZINC :-  1 KGS  MUMBAI  194.65    ZINCMINI :-  1 KGS  MUMBAI  194.65    
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Corporate Information
Geofin Comtrade Ltd. (GCL) is managed by a group of professionals having considerable years of experience and expertise in Commodities, ever since the reintroduction of the Commodities Futures in India in 2003.

The company’s clientele range from investors, co-operative societies, state and national institutions, traders, manufacturers, financiers, speculators, arbitrageurs and producers etc. The company does not have proprietary interest in any commodity and therefore remains unbiased in its advisory & intermediation services. The company has specialized staff that provides the required guidance and assistance to trade at the appropriate price levels. Transaction costs are highly affordable, attracting a wide spectrum of clientele. Further, GCL has noteworthy credits in the physical delivery of commodities through the various exchange platforms.

GCL is a Trading cum Clearing Member of all leading national commodity exchanges in India, with memberships at MCX, NCDEX, and NMCE. Membership in multiple exchanges gives clients the added opportunities of arbitrage. The company uses a sophisticated & customized trading platform ‘FLIP’, which facilitates seamless trading in commodities across the exchanges. A dedicated network of 100+ offices throughout the country makes GCL one of the top players in the commodities intermediation business in India. Besides retail sales through various branch offices, the company is also offering hedging services and arbitrage products supported by its in-house market experts for large corporate through a dedicated Institutional Desk in Mumbai. GCL has one of the most experienced Management Teams in the industry, leading the company’s growth plans and giving shape to its vision of becoming an integrated service and solutions provider in the commodities trading space.

Geofin offers :  
Membership in multiple Exchanges
Presence through a network of branches in more than 10 states of India
Sophisticated Research Desk with daily commodity reports and newsletters.
Product Specific Research Reports
Corporate Advisory Desk
Hedging and Arbitrage Desk
Well-versed and Dedicated Delivery Department
Online and Mobile trading platform
SMS alert on market movements and international price updation
Facilitates securities and Currency trading through a subsidiary company
Geofin also conducts seminars, distributes free in-house literature and holds interactive sessions that help raise awareness on the futures market. The number of participants is continuously on the rise thus leading to increased volumes and market efficiency.
Exchange Memberships :  
Multi Commodity Exchange of India Limited (MCX)
National Multi Commodity Exchange of India Limited (NMCE)
National Commodity & Derivatives Exchange Limited (NCDEX)
Equity and Currency trading through a subsidiary company
Product offers for trading through exchanges:  
Bullion: Gold and Silver
Gold and silver with different contract specifications (in terms of quality, quantity and expiry) are available. Physical deliverable and cash settled contracts are other attractions. Gold Contracts with 100 percent correlation with London Spot prices (not includes any domestic premium/discount) are highly attractive among corporate and hedging clients. Trading facilitates through all major national level exchanges and available for trading from Monday to Friday at 10.00AM to 11.30/11.55PM.
Energy: Crude Oil and Natural Gas
Mega and Mini contracts with different expiry contracts are available. WTI and Brent varieties are available in various exchanges and are cash settled. Natural Gas futures are available in MCX and its corresponding international counterpart is NYMEX natural gas. Available for trading from Monday to Friday at 10.00AM to 11.30/11.55PM.
Base metals: Copper, Lead, Zinc, Aluminium and Nickel
Contracts with different denominations and expiry are available. Mostly traded in MCX and corresponding international counterpart is LME (London Metal Exchange). Mini and Mega contracts attract retail and corporate participants. Available for trading from Monday to Friday at 10.00AM to 11.30/11.55PM.
Agricultural Commodities :  
Plantation Crops like Rubber, Coffee etc.
Spices like Pepper, Cardamom, Turmeric, Jeera, Chilli, coriander etc.
Pulses like Chana
Oil & Oil Seeds like Refined Soya oil, Soyabean, Cotton seed, Mustard Seed, Mustard oil, etc.
Cereals like Maize
Other commodities like Guargum, Guar seed, Menthaoil, Potato, Sugar, etc.
National Commodities and Derivative Exchange (NCDEX) is the most active agri futures trading platform in India. The platform offers more than fifty different commodities. Physical delivery is available for most of these commodities through warehouses placed in different locations in a pan India basis.
Equity and Currency :  
Equity and Currencies are available for trading through NSE and BSE. We are facilitating this service through our subsidiary company.
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